Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Severe Back Pain

Severe back pain may be the start of your back pain problems. 

Severe back pain may be the start of your back pain problems.  We can help you relieve the pain, and with work get rid of it entirely.

Severe back pain is often the point at which a lot of people become completely aware of a problem that they are experiencing with their back pain. The reason for this is that the spine can be out of alignment or twisted causing nerves in the spine to become trapped. The back muscles may have been getting progressively weaker over time, so that an injury that normally would not cause any damage actually does. An example of this could be picking up a heavy bag, and causing severe back pain to be felt.

At the point at which you consider your back pain to be severe, you should consult a medical practitioner, such as a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist. The reason for this is simple – you may be able to exercise or stretch and relieve the symptoms, however the underlying cause may not have been removed, which may cause a relapse to occur. Severe back pain has many causes, but even the simplest, such as a muscular strain, if painful enough should cause you to seek help, since something may be causing a weakness that can be corrected.

If for example you caused the injury in a gym through improper form, that is probably okay not to take it any further as you already know the cause, and the solution is to lift your weight with proper form. Even in that instance it could still be an indication that your back muscle need to be retrained so that you do not automatically lift weight with bad form. You need to get your muscles used to working correctly, for instance doing a deadlift with a straight back, and your abdominals tucked in.

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