Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Stretch the Tricep Muscle

Tricep Stretch – Exercise 1
This Tricep Muscle Stretching Exercise can be done either sitting or standing, keeping your back as erect as possible. Raise the arm you are stretching directly over your head, bend the elbow to 90 degrees, attempt to keep your elbow slightly behind your head, and hold the stretch to a count of 10, breathing slowly. Muscles being stretched are the triceps, teres major and latissimus dorsi. To add additional stretch use the opposing hand to slowly pull the elbow down behind your head.

Tricep Stretch – Exercise 2
Again, either sitting or standing, keep back erect as possible.
Raise your arm above your head, elbow slightly behind your head, bend your elbow down behind your head and with your opposing hand, gently grasp your bent elbow. Now, with gentle pressure, pull your bent elbow down as far as possible behind your head, hold for a count of 10, then slowly raise your elbow up so that it is up by your ear again. Muscles being stretched are the teres major, the long head of the triceps brachii, and, to a lesser degree, the latissimus dorsi.
NOTE: These exercises are particularly important for those that are doing heavy lifting, as these stretches will help avoid tears of the long head of the triceps.
  1. Increase Tricep flexibility
  2. Improve circulation to the tricep and latissimus dorsi
  3. Help prevent tears to the long head of the tricep during heavy lifting
  4. Help loosen muscle prior to exercising and get blood circulating
  5. Help relax tricep muscle after strenuous exercise to help reduce after workout soreness

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