Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cause of Lower Back Pain

Did you know your heels are whats causing your lower back and knee pain?

Did you know your heels are whats causing your lower back and knee pain?  #chiropractic care could help you start living without pain...

Heels are known for causing chronic back pain and knee joint problems in women who wear them regularly. These are just the long-term effects and that doesn’t include trips, falls, and some pretty gnarly spills.  Where as in the past when women were trained to wear heels from an early age, in modern times young girls usually don’t attempt to seriously wear heels until around puberty and when they finally are expose they opt for tall stilettos. These can be harder to walk in then their shorter, chunkier siblings. The heels they wear are also typically on the cheap side and therefore cannot really offer the support needed in places like the balls of the feet.

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